Hello and welcome! I’m Sheila, wife to my very own Super Mario, mother of 2, and nonna to 9. We are missionaries in Italy – a land of many olives, which is what inspired the name of this blog!

I consider myself to be American born – with an Italian heart, and am blessed to hold dual citizenship. My husband Mario is an Italian citizen, born in a quaint village of southern Italy (see above), but raised in the Bronx by non English-speaking parents.

I am passionate about my faith and God’s Word. But you’ll also find me sharing on my other great loves of simple living, earth care, and living with less – to truly appreciate the abundance we already have! I suppose I could go on with a lot of boring stuff, but I sincerely doubt you’re interested – and it’s highly uncomfortable for me!

So I’ll just share a few random and quirky facts about me…

  • I’m an INFJ personality type, and Galadriel on the Lord of the Ring’s personality chart. (Which, by the way, was made by our talented daughter and son-in-law!) We are often known as old souls and false introverts.
  • I’m married to an ESFJ personality type, and Bilbo on the LOTR chart. Our daughter says he is the most extroverted person she’s ever known.
  • I was born and raised in the beautiful mitt of Michigan, which I love; but my heart is in Italy where we have served the past 30 years.
  • I love simple homey things, like sunsets, hedgehogs, camping vans, fireplaces, ladybugs, flowers, chickens, goats, cats, and baskets.
  • I love to read and write and have been writing stories ever since I can remember. I read everything, even cereal boxes.
  • I’m a great cook and baker who does not like to cook.
  • I love simple living, minimalism, and earth care.
  • My favorite foods are coffee, pizza, pasta, cheese, and gelato. (And yes, coffee is a food.)
  • I don’t like house pets and am beyond terrified of anything with more than 6 legs.
  • I love color and both my house and wardrobe are full of it.
  • Being a minimalist, I prefer practical gifts.
  • My greatest material blessings are my comfy mattress, feather pillow, electric bed warmer, wool blankets, feather comforter, window screens, pellet stove, and clotheslines.
  • I have an overactive imagination and a love of an addiction to change.
  • The change I love most is that God is working to make me more like him. And though I have far to go, I know he’ll patiently complete his good work!
  • But I’m ever grateful that my Lord Jesus and hil love for me never changes.

Thanks so much for your visit! Come back soon!