Welcome to My Italian Home – where simple, slow living is the order of the day!

When I explain how our years here in The Land of Slow Living have taught us to slow down, enjoy life, and have even more time for all that we love, I find that many people dream of escaping the stress and frazzled nerves (or the sometimes meaningless treadmill) of western society. We want a meaningful life that counts for something, but one that we can also truly enjoy. 

This is a journey of creating and maintaining such a life.

CREATING, because today’s society is no longer geared toward slowing down to focus on and enjoy the truly important and meaningful things.

AND MAINTAINING, because we are continually bombarded with sights, sounds, displays, and screens of every sort. And pulled in every direction by advertising, entertainment, and offers of success, wealth, and glamour. And it’s all so enticing that we lose sight not only of our direction and plan, but of how much we already have.

START BY READING The Benefits of Italian Slow Living, to decide if this is what you’d like in your life too!

And then I do hope you’ll join me in learning about Italy and the slow living lifestyle which is what really makes Italy… well Italy! You’ll always find a hearty benvenuto here!

About Me

I’m Sheila, wife to my very own Super Mario, mother of 2, and nonna to 9. We’ve lived in this beautiful land 30 years and counting! I am also a Christ-follower, and although that is not what this blog is about, my faith impacts my whole life.

I’m American born, but Italian-at-heart, and blessed to hold dual citizenship. Mario is an Italian citizen, born in a quaint village of southern Italy, but raised in the Bronx by non English-speaking parents.

I truly love this beautiful nation, and I love sharing about it. (Probably to the point of ad nauseum!) But I do hope you will enjoy these little excursions into my bell’Italia!!

Well Arrivederci, for now…

Because you see, arrivederci is not a permanent good-bye. It simply means “until we see each other again…” So see you soon! And thank you so much for your visit!