Abruzzo: Our Forgotten Region

Our village nestles among gently rolling hills, between Abruzzo’s Adriatic coast and the Apennine mountains. Covered with vineyards and olive groves, with snow-capped mountains in the background! It’s beautiful, and we feel blessed to live here!

Largely an agriculture region, it’s famous for its Montepulciano wine. And also for its long beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and great cuisine. Its prevalent agriculture and wild regions keep Abruzzo off the beaten tourist track, making it mostly a wild, unspoiled region. Full of national parks and wild areas, inhabited by wolf and bear. 

Abruzzo is truly beautiful, yet also largely forgotten. And its isolation also makes it a poor region, in more ways than one. Economically depressed, and often politically neglected. Many times even omitted from weather reports on national TV!

Italy’s highway system depicts this isolation most interestingly.

The expressways (called autostrade here) number from A1 to A32. The lower the number, the older the highway. A1, which runs pretty much up and down the center of the nation, was the first.

But our Adriatic coast didn’t get its own highway until A14, which runs mostly down the Mediterranean coast. Meaning of course, that the east side of Italy remained more isolated and less informed. But even highway A14 didn’t make travel and interrelations much easier for Abruzzo. Because it didn’t get a highway connecting it to the western coast until A25, putting it among Italy’s last major highways. And this left Abruzzo pretty much to itself. Bound by tradition, superstition, and in some ways, ignorance.

But many positives have come out of Abruzzo’s isolation as well. Besides its glorious unspoiled nature, it’s also among Italy’s least materialistic regions. And perhaps because they had to rely more on one another, one of the most hospitable!

And because it’s been oft overlooked and forgotten, Abruzzo is one place where the old Italian ways and traditions still endure. Abruzzo is a refreshing and inviting place to visit.

Come to Abruzzo for a bit of old-fashioned Italian charme!


All images are my own.

Author: Sheila Scorziello

Blogger, wife, mom, grandma, and missionary in Italy. Passionate about my faith, earth care, simple living, and of course Italy!

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    1. Yes we do! It is a lovely pace here, especially in our village. Some of the younger folk in the larger town say it’s a little too slow and laid back – but we absolutely love it. And yes – it is gorgeous! We are blessed!!

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  1. Abruzzo sounds so very inviting. Keith and I have talked about moving back to Italy in the far future. We must visit Abruzzo. That is one place that we did not visit when we lived there. Many blessings to you and Mario. Karen


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